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I want you to imagine something for me. For those of you unused to or unwilling to close your eyes breathe in deeply and let loose that beautiful and precious but vulnerable part of you that most people had to some extent when they were a kid, some more than others and that very few adults have or remain in touch with, I’m referring to that most powerful of things (your imagination).

If you were to look at the current status quo, in pretty much all the countries one can think of, the vast majority of governments do a less than stellar job of governing the country and uplifting it’s people as much as possible instead of being a weight tied to their feet and causing the majority of people to struggle under massive burdens of taxation, bureaocracy, incompetence, avarice and sheer selfishness that would make Gengis Khan look like Mother Teresa.

Specifically focusing on Africa and in particular South Africa though is what I’m referring to at this present moment. A country that is blessed with mineral wealth, plenty of arable land, a climate that is conducive to agriculture and tourism, a basic infrastructure that though eroded and not maintained since the end of apartheid is still better than most african countries can boast. Pretty much a one part state, the African National Congress {ANC} and the supposed opposition the Democratic alliance (DA) and the notorious Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are the main political parties in SA.

You may think looking from the outside that democracy is well and thriving in this country and that would be an understandable view point if you don’t actually know how this country is governed, but you would be wrong. From the moment the ANC took power in 1994 under the leadership of Nelson Mandela, there has been a plundering of resources and coffers by the ANC. Mr Mandela is an example of what a statesman can be like and he was a great leader who voiced peace and reconciliation to the chagrin of many ANC henchman who wanted vengeance and bloodshed, partly because it’s easier to steal and loot when there’s blood in the streets. However Mr Mandela’s road to peace won out thankfully and the thugs of which there are unfortunately, a great many, had to bind their time. Fast forward now to Zuma’s misrule, where he sold out the country quite literally to the highest bidder which included private bidders and corrupters the Guptas and who knows how many nations were in on the plundering fest. I am referring to that great power in particular that is spending a large amount of money in Africa and elsewhere and states that it’s not interested in good governance or interfering with each countries sovereignty but here to have a win wind partnership.. You can guess who I may be referring to. They of course love Africa because there is such a lack of basic governance, leadership and zero accountability that with a few bribes they end up owning huge amounts of land and strategic reserves of minerals etc, all the while the african leaders who receive the bribes keep bowing before the new colonialists and selling out their nations to this dangerous overlord who has no compassion, mercy and goodness in their hearts but sheer avarice and contempt for all who fall to the strategic spin of a win – win situation.

Zuma is now years later before a commission of inquiry, not in court being prosecuted although we are told this will happen some day and he is grandstanding and speaking a diatribe against everyone you can imagine from ‘white monopoly’ capital which is a favourite scapegoat of the black political elite to blame when they fail to other secret groups within the ANC, you name it and he will blame it.

Instead of focussing on strategic areas, logical areas that would boost productivity, trade and investment such as roads, rail way networks, ports, power stations, medical research, agricultural research, rare earth processing facilities, bio tech etc, this government spends billions in ‘social grants’ encouraging woman who are basically destitute to have more children in areas that are heavily overpopulated with zero to little resources available to provide basic sanitary services never mind electricity and so the vicious cycle increases and is compounded further. Further Nepotism, theft and incompetence destroy the power utility Eskom and many others so that soon black outs are the Norm, amid a pandemic where the atrocious state of government run hospitals become woefully apparent and even the funds mean to buy a vaccine are plundered by the very people supposedly tasked with utilising it for the public good. Talk about the fox in the hen house.

The idea of shame of being caught stealing and looting from the coffers is not something that appears to be in the culture of most african leaders, certainly not in south africa where the average person wants to work for goverment where they get a job for life, regardless of the fact that they probably wont do any work not provide any value to the poor over burderned middle class tax payer who is actually the one who bears the brunt of the tax burden since the rich have mechansims that they middle class cant use and the poor obviously can afford the burden so of course the ANC/EFF apply this tax to the middle class, helping to throttle the ‘golden goose’ so to speak.

Now imagine 30 years into the future. Picture the chaos of elections, the plundering, the avarice, the total incompetence, the nepotism that has gone on and look at the country. Perhaps the extremist politician Julius Malema, the hater of Caucasians and everything white will be in power. Promising free everything under the sun to the gullible and desperate and confiscating and stealing any assets that should go the ‘majority’. Overnight, the rand crashes, the world bank amongst others start calling in their loans but if anything Malema and the EFF dig in their heels. This is proof of a conspiracy against the blacks to take away their country and their right to self determination. Civil war eventually breaks out. Mainly minorities are massacred all the while Malema puts out contradicting statements about how the comrades must take what’s theirs at the end of a gun and then with a straight face, calling on south Africans to remain calm and peaceful, especially the whites who he states are prone to be violent against people of colour.

Some minorities make a stand, mainly Afrikaners, they refuse to be bullied and have their land and assets stolen and the fight back as best they can, vastly outnumbered by a militia of EFF and opportunity seekers as well as by a highly politicised defence and police force, they are soon killed and those left surrender, many of them being killed after surrendering by the militia. The vast majority of the minorities, Caucasian, Indian and Coloured try to desperately leave the country by any means necessary and find out how no one is interested in refugees from another African country.

The international community reacts with an uproar condeming this violence and stressing that this is a red line that must not be crossed as otherwise unstated severe consequences will be taken. Malema and the EFF promptly hang some of the hated minority from the streetlights while hundreds of thousands of extremist EFF and some ANC supporters roar their approval. The UN and Nato, taken back by the agression and refusal of the dictator to surrender fights amongst themselves as to what action should be taken. After two days of intense talks, they issue another statement, condeming the murder and genocide and provide a new time table of 2 weeks for Malema and Co to surrender and to immediatly stop the killing. He goes about his business, happily ignoring everthing they have to say. The 2 weeks is now up but as Nato realizes to its chagrin and amidst further embarrasment, many european countries are either unable or unwilling to fight. Germany in particular is not able to conduct combat operations outside it’s own country as none of the equipment/submaries/troup carriers etc are working and the troop morale is so low that it’s thought they might be more a hindrance than an asset to Nato. Eventually a ‘coalition ‘ of 6 countries including the UK, US, France, Portugal and Australia and Switzerland put forward some troups and feverently plan for an invasion. It’s now been 3 months since the vaunted time table given by the UN and Nato was given. China and Russia issue a joint statement that as they have signed mutual pact treaties with the African Union, they will be obligated to conduct operations against Nato should Nato invade South Africa. After much hand wringing, Nato decides that this is a war, they cannot win and they they should try to apply diplomatic pressure.

Malema is risen to the level of saint and master of the universe according to his worshippers, he always knew what would happen. Surely this is proof of his great military prowess, his leadership, his Africanism, a black ‘leader’ who does not bow down to the west and their foreign ideas of democracy and equal rights. South Africa continues to plunge down into more of a banana republic and even with military aid and some economic aid from the 2 superpowers in their corner, Mozambique soon exports more products and grows more agricultural produce in 12 months than SA does in 7 years. The SA passport falls to the worst passport in the world for travel and even countries such as Somalia and Libya who are war torn and have nothing to offer, refuse to accept South Africans on their shores. Even Nigeria refuses to accept SA citizens.

New world records for the lowest GDP in history, the highest inflation rate exceeding that of Zimbabwe causes SA citizens to try to cross the great limpopo river to find relative econcomic prosperity and safety in Zimbabwe and other neighbouring countries.

Just imagine…

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