Nothing beats a Pen and Paper

If your anything like me, you will remember what a thrill it was to get a letter. Not an email, though that can sometimes be exciting, it’s not nearly the same. Firstly, it takes more effort to write an actual letter on hard paper. There is no edit button, or delete. You either have to cross out the error and correct it or throw away the sheet of paper and start again. Then of course, you have your penmanship. Some are gifted with a clear and elegant scrawl, looking both sophisticated and legible..and some with a somewhat less sophisticated and less legible scrawl over the page, but trying to make up for it with oodles of eagerness and enthusiasm. I remember quite clearly scrunching up sheet after sheet of paper when trying to write the perfect Valentines letter. It was a mixture of my scrawl being rather difficult to read and though written in passion, it made deciphering it rather hard, even for me who had written the darn thing but mostly because of my concern as to the actual content itself. I used this sometimes in lieu of the card. Firstly, it was original, secondly, I could say a fair amount more than you can on a card just saying ‘Please be my Valentine’ or something to those words. Funny thing though is that, while usually I would have if anything too many words and not enough paper, when it came to writing in matters of the heart, I found it quite the opposite.

The thing is, it’s a different side of you coming to the fore. It’s one thing to let your academic side/ imagination out but quite another thing to expose an internal part of you.The heart is such a precious part of us. It embodies everything that is human. All that is good and all that is bad too. All the noble desires, feelings of love, generosity, kindness, compassion, forgiveness. These all stem from the heart. Such amazing positive feelings which can relate to thoughts and then actions. This of course is the most well know, the most popular and it’s no surprise. These are all great things to focus on.

The opposite of course is that through the heart not such pleasant things can also occur. Feelings of jealousy, cruelty, anger, callousness, cold apparent indifference you name it. The reason I mentioned these two polar opposites, Love and Hate as it were, is that somehow, the very physical act of writing with pen and paper solidifies thoughts, feelings and probably brings to action far more than if written say via a laptop as I’m writing now. It seems to make you think longer, harder and more clearly because you can’t edit the ink, or maybe it’s some as yet unknown mystical power in the very act of writing itself that causes it but I remember yearning with passion and the sweat and blood and sometimes anguish spread onto the pages with a large pudding spoon, scraping my heart out of a jar and transferring it onto the page with a knife, often feeling like the blunt knife described by torturers in medieval scenes.

A tad melodramatic you may think but the reality is that there’s power in the written word. Incredible power. I who knew it and had somehow perhaps through a matter of a little familiarity breeding contempt, I forgot. I am reminded again though of it’s power to renew and clarify, to solidify and cause action and things to happen and I am determined to get back in the habit of writing again. Yes dear readers, writing. Putting pen to paper, the pen is greater than the sword and all that. No on ever said as much about the keyboard did they? It’s still true as its the power of words but it does’nt hold quite the same appeal as the vision of the pen triumphing over the sword.

So think of me writing and you may allow yourself to ponder as will I who I may start to send letters to!

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