It must be a bad dream

If your anything like me, you will have watched the unfolding drama and devastation that is Covid with part dread and part certainty that this will soon be over and be like a stain on your table cloth. It’s hard to get rid of the stain but it does’nt make the tablecloth less useful, well I suppose depending on the colour of the tablecloth, the size of the stain and..

When it first started, I remember hearing about Covid on the news and some of the talk about it spreading etc and then hearing of this virus spreading to parts of Europe but somehow, naively perhaps, I just didn’t see it coming here to South Africa. It did come of course. It arrived with all the panache of a rhino throwing its toys out of the cot in a bakery and has left chaos and devastation, broken lives and lost lives in it’s wake. We still don’t have clear facts about so many things such as firstly it’s true origin. Was it from an animal in one of the numerous wet markets apparently with no hygiene control in China or from a laboratory doing research? One wonders what research they could possibly be doing and why they would be doing so and there are just so many questions linked to this that it’s futile to even conjecture at this point in time. Well, until we have some actual facts that is and facts so to speak are a rare commodity these days. Since a certain president came to power and started to dismantle many institutions associated with American democracy, the world seems to have lost some of it’s sanity. We heard one statement after another, constantly been told they were facts when the gentleman in question obviously had a different dictionary then the generally accepted definition of a fact that the rest of the world accepted. We watched in disbelief as thousands of people stormed the capitol in the US, breaking, indeed shattering many illusions about that country and law and order in general I think. We have seen lockdowns imposed around the vast majority of the globe with as an effect that will still affect our beautiful world for some time to come. Our freedom to congregate, to move freely, to consume alcohol, to go to public venues, to not have to wear a mask, at one time even to smoke if you can believe it has been curtailed by this South African government and others. Meanwhile we were told things like it’s to make sure that the health department has time to organize the necessary resources for the inevitable wave of Covid infections. Months later when the infections rose, the health department failed dismally, apparently just another case of an politician speaking and lying, in this case it was the president of the republic.

We have seen some people fighting and marching, rioting even against these restrictions to liberty and then the vaccine was finally announced. I felt my enthusiasm and cheer go up quite markedly and thought, finally, we get a jab, this thing dies out and were sorted and then we can move on with our lives. In reality, there was huge competition to make sure that each countries electorate got their vaccines first, politicians no doubt sensing that this could be a make or break issue with the electorate and so amid much posturing and grandstanding there were press conferences around the world about the vaccines the various companies manufacturing them and the planned rollouts. We faced, delay after delay in getting the vaccines, and finally when we did, there was a shortage. Of course while all this was happening there started to be much dissent over the effectiveness of this vaccine versus that one with different countries knocking the others vaccines and so called Covid vaccine passports being used. Talk about polarisation right. Now of course we are faced with the anti-vaccers. A group who do not want to have the vaccine that is killing thousands of people each day, damaging peoples health and destroying much of what we hold dear. I believe firmly in freedom and human rights, but I also believe that there is a limit to what you can do if it affects other people, especially if they have the potential to die or get gravely ill from your actions…

So now we wait as we expect yet another wave in November/December apparently. I for one would like to imagine Covid, this plague, this virus as an alien, a green, ugly, evil, horrible monstrosity that departed off one of the space research vessels that Billionaires seem determined to waste their money on. I would like to tell this alien that its not welcome and to climb aboard that same vessel paid for by those who have too much money and too little sense and send it towards the sun, to an explosion of gases and an inferno of fire, to be destroyed for ever. For us to be able to move on, to get on with rebuilding this beautiful, fragile world of ours. To give hugs, yes, remember those amazing gestures of human interaction, the ones that feel amazing, increase your endorphins, cement relationships and love around the world. Those human interactions with such a positive effect on children, adults, even animals, those easily done gestures that can convey such emotional well being and warm fuzzies and that are so often overlooked. To be able to walk around without a mask on. It would feel so strange to not wear a mask. I probably would keep thinking I’ve forgotten something, keys-no, wallet-no, cell phone-no…Oh mask!

So to this virus, I bid you fare well, bon voyage, and don’t come back!

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