Turn off your phone and take time to smell the Roses

I read this last week of a famous model who tragically took her own life and committed suicide. She had been trolled by ignorant and horrible folk, lambasting her for her age (28), still so young and these ignoramuses went and ranted about things that they know nothing about. Mostly life, age and being good enough to do something.

It’s sad that people like this have a medium to express their toxic and quite frankly jaundiced view of the world, poisoned by hate, bias, jealousy and a lack of basic understanding, of a severe mental drought of compassion, knowledge and kindness. It’s the one’s who attack, often the supposed ‘critics’ that are not able to create or do something themselves and so they hide behind a fa├žade of criticism. They are actually the most broken, they have been twisted and turned and tortured into a shape and something that they no longer recognize. They hate themselves and they hate anything that appears to be good and different. Anyone who dares to try is in their book the enemy and they use all they know now, their hate to try to tarnish and bring down someone else. If they’re suffering, then everyone else must too, or so they believe.

Social media is often a negative tool used for political/personal glorification purposes, propaganda and also good things too, though, they do appear to be outnumbered by the nonsense that is often spewed on social media. Let’s take time to do fasts away from social media. Try doing a weekend and then eventually week on holiday with no social media activity. No, you will not die. You will in the beginning feel a bit anxious, it’s because your brain has been trained to constantly be on the lookout for pings and notifications from your devices that someone said this about you or someone you follow did this and that. In reality, it’s not the end of your life to miss out on this and gain life. Yes life, the real thing that were supposed to be living. Not this artificial environment where everyone is acting and creating an image that they are successful, wealthy, happy etc. Much of this is totally untrue but people are so afraid to stand out, to be different in a good way, to not care so much about what the politically correct majority may think or say. How they may judge you.

If we can take regular breaks away from social media and spend time with loved ones, in nature, exercising, reading a book, chatting to a friend-face to face, playing with your dog, going for a massage, going for a walk, going to the cinema, a food market, our mental health will be that much better for it and we will not allow it to have so much influence on us. Social media is addictive, many people state feeling anxious when they forget their phone at home, like they can’t live without it. Yes, in today’s world, your phone is very important but it should not be causing us anxiety. It’s just a communications tool, one of many and no, the world wont end because you left your cell phone. Technology can be wonderful, cell phones, the internet, modern air travel are all amazing technologies that can have a positive effect on our lives but also a negative one. Especially cell phones and social media. We need to learn to switch off our phones when were finished working, to turn off social media for the weekend and get back in touch with reality, away from the make believe world of social media.

It’s a tragedy that this beautiful young woman had to die. It’s so sad that haters out there only live to hate but we need to limit our exposure to social media and negative media. Our lives are far too precious to really care about what the crowd thinks about us. We need to care about what God thinks about us. We need to care about what close friends and family who actually know and care for us think but certainly not strangers who don’t know you from a bar of soap. They feel that they have the right to comment on everything, the fact that the may not have a good knowledge or any understanding of a subject is not relevant to them. You can’t let yourself be influenced at all by this group. They are not worthy of your time and your peace is so very precious. Look after your peace, take time to smell the Roses. Be gentle with yourself. You and your life is so very precious, life is short and tenuous and remember you are wonderfully and fearfully made as stated by the creator of Heaven and Earth. We don’t know how long we have to live, let’s try to make the most of it and not be pushed around by dogma and online strangers perceptions.

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