Worst ISP rated

It’s happened to most of us. Were excited about getting access to the internet. In this case, fibre, not just ADSL, thank you very much. You proudly share your plans with friends and family who all make the appropriate noises of approbation. You spend some time day dreaming how your going to download content, perhaps […]

It’s called Customer Service

Since the Covid virus struck the World, there has been global consequences from our health, our economy, inter personal stress and conflict to geo political confrontation, however, one thing that many of us took not necessarily for granted but as the norm was customer service. In a variety of industries from Healthcare, to utilities, to […]

Choosing Medical Aid through a Broker

Are you certified with the FSB and what is your financial services number. This is the basic start to your interview. It’s also something that’s non negotiable. If your broker is not registered and his company is not registered with the FSB, then they’re not legal and you will have no recourse through the ombudsman […]

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