It must be a bad dream

If your anything like me, you will have watched the unfolding drama and devastation that is Covid with part dread and part certainty that this will soon be over and be like a stain on your table cloth. It’s hard to get rid of the stain but it does’nt make the tablecloth less useful, well […]

The leaders we deserve

There is a saying that the people get the leaders that they deserve. We have an ANC government with a minority opposition. There is huge corruption in this government, and ineptness followed by giving BEE deals to family members, friends and other bigwigs within the ruling party. Now South Africa is not alone in having […]

The power of Sport

Sport has to be one of the most powerful ways to get people to come together and create cohesion usually amongst that teams supporters. Whatever the sport, there is always competition, camaraderie and the challenge. The competitive nature of sport playing men and woman and indeed even the supporters who may not play actively themselves […]

Creative Consultant

I have the most vivid and powerful imagination. Sometimes it has even scared me. Wondering what crazy ideas, inventions will pop into my head next. And so many do, I have a file of ideas for inventions, constantly being added to. People often seem to ask how does my mind work, how do I come […]

Friendship, how hard it is.

Now you may be wondering from the title am I talking about an existing friendship in particular or in general. In this specific instance, it’s a friendship in particular or rather an ex friendship in particular, it’s past tense. While working at a large corporate, I became friends with a guy, we will call him […]

Worst ISP rated

It’s happened to most of us. Were excited about getting access to the internet. In this case, fibre, not just ADSL, thank you very much. You proudly share your plans with friends and family who all make the appropriate noises of approbation. You spend some time day dreaming how your going to download content, perhaps […]

It’s called Customer Service

Since the Covid virus struck the World, there has been global consequences from our health, our economy, inter personal stress and conflict to geo political confrontation, however, one thing that many of us took not necessarily for granted but as the norm was customer service. In a variety of industries from Healthcare, to utilities, to […]

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